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Break the punishment pattern to grow emotionally secure, resilient, and deeply connected children!

You're here because you want to do things differently than your parents did - but you find yourself sliding back into those old patterns of punishments, shame, fear, and bribes under pressure. Hey, when your kid is laying on the floor in the grocery store, you'll do anything (I get it!). 

But you know those tools are short-term solutions that can lead to long-term problems. You know you don't want to parent that way!

Growing Up Families is here to help you meet your child's needs - while setting boundaries that are values-based - so you can handle conflict as the in-control, calm, confident adult you are. I'll help you move through parental overwhelm to become mindful of your reactions and confident in your actions. 


So your children feel safe, supported, loved, and understood - even when you're saying "no." 

Image by Tim Mossholder

Hi, I'm Kenya!

And as a Certified School Psychologist and Certified Parent Coach, I've worked with hundreds of children...some, who jump into the learning environment, confident in themselves, engaging with their peers and teachers, and able to navigate the emotions that come with learning and building relationships

And...some, who are desperately trying to communicate their needs for help, connection, and support, through the only behaviors they know how...which often lead to challenges building relationships with those around them and even less engagement in their learning. 

And the biggest difference? The safety, regulation, and empathy they experience in the relationships they have with the adults in their lives.


Besides the work I do in schools, I'm also a mom to two amazing little boys. This is my most important work. It's also my hardest work.


Here's what I know as a Parent Coach + Certified School Psychologist...your child's calm starts with your calm. Cultivating your ability to restore regulation is the first step in building the confidence to parent with authenticity and joy while also providing the structure and security your kids need to be compassionate, independent, and happy! 

(And I'm here to support you in learning how to do those...with intention and confidence!)



Parenting From Within
(1:1 Coaching Program)

This 12-session, one-to-one, program will help you make the mindset shifts needed to see yourself and your child differently - and respond with more intention and less reactivity.

If you'd like individualized support, this "deep-dive" program will help you build your parenting from the inside - out, so you can have confidence in yourself and deeper connections with your children. 

This program allows you to make the long-lasting changes needed to help your child to thrive - at home, school, and in the world!

Behavior With the B.R.A.I.N in Mind
(Group Coaching Program)

This 6 week group coaching program will help you understand what's under your child's behaviors and provide you with brain-friendly ways to help your child develop their social and emotional skills to thrive at home and at school. 

Instead of spending time on the "back-end" of trying to stop behaviors, reel back in your responses, and undo habits that aren't working for anyone, this program will give you the mindset, regulation skills, and specific strategies to proactively spend the time understanding and addressing behaviors - so you can be prepared, confident, and connected to your children!

This is for you if you like learning with others and are seeking the camaraderie that comes from growing with others who "just get it." 

Image by Jordan Whitt

“Kenya actively listens and is really good at making connections! What she reflects back is thought provoking but done with warmth. She really takes the time in our sessions and lets me talk about what I need to.

Her coaching is so effective – I’ve become more aware of my parenting techniques or how I respond to my boys. During the week, I continue to think and reflect on things we talk about. And I’m realizing I am practicing what we talked about and learned in our sessions!”

- Suzy G. (Mom of 2 boys)


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To support parents and educators in using the power of brain science and relationships to grow emotionally healthy children!

To help parents and educators raise children who have the skills to thrive at home, school, and in the world - all without compromising limits, boundaries and values.

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