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Behavior With The B.R.A.I.N In Mind
(Group Coaching Program)

Image by Jordan Whitt

This 6-week, group coaching, program takes what I've learned about behavior - from working with children and parents for 13 years - and helps you understand what's really going on underneath what you see and how you react.


You'll learn how to tune into your own body, and your child's. so you can be prepared with ways to re-regulate and re-connect. You'll learn how to respond with intention and understanding instead of reacting from fear and overwhelm.

Because this is a group program, you'll also enjoy the camaraderie of other parents who "just get it" and you'll gain the invaluable perspective of those facing similar issues. There will be so many "IYKYK" moments because, let's be honest, if you're having challenges in your family, there's a pretty good chance other parents are having them too.

You will leave with the knowledge, and skills, needed to be a compassionate and confident parent who can help your child build the skills they need to be able to thrive at home, school, and with their peers!

This Is For You If...

You are confused by your child's behaviors, wondering if they're "normal," and  you desperately need help figuring out what they all mean
Your gut is telling you that punishing, ignoring, and yelling is hurting (more than helping) your relationship with your child and you want to learn how to feel more at ease and confident that you can pause and then respond in a way that meets everyone's need
You want to stop feeling guilty about how you're reacting and slowly let go of the fear that you're somehow "messing them up" 
You want a deeper connection with your child and a closer relationship - that can withstand all.the.behaviors
You want to learn how to teach your child skills that lead to long-lasting change - so you don't have to keep relying on short-term, "band-aid," behavior-only focused strategies 

The more we can look underneath a child's behavior to understand it, the more compassion we'll have.


Program Outline

Releasing Your Fears & Re-framing Your Beliefs About Behavior

  • Explore your current beliefs about behavior and help uncover where they originated

  • Have a chance to reflect, and release, any fears or frustration you have about specific behaviors so you can be open to understanding what's truly driving the behavior you see

  • Leave with new mindsets and tools to build awareness of your current reactions so you can begin to grow new ways to respond

Brain Basics - Learn the Science of How Your Child's Brain Develops in Relationship to Yours

  • Understand how your child's brain develops in relationship with you

  • Explore how the brain learns new information and shift your perspective on how long it takes to develop and what is "normal"

  • Learn about the different structures of the brain and how they impact behavior

  • Learn the tools to identify the emotions or needs underlying behaviors and how to address them from a relationship perspective 

Recognizing What Might Be Under The Behavior - Understanding That Your Child Is Dysregulated, Not Disobedient 

  • Dive into the nervous system science of behavior and understand how that looks in "real life," including your own nervous system and how it impacts the way you respond to your children

  • Learn about the range of tolerance we each have for stress and dysregulation during our day and how we move in and out of this "window"

  • Leave with specific tools to help you identify when you or your child are getting dysregulated and how to utilize sensory input and strategies to restore regulation 

Anchoring Yourself - Learning How To Lengthen Your Pause So You Can Respond (not react) To Your Child's Behaviors

  • Gain an understanding of how reactive parenting impacts your child's emotional regulation skills and understand how to lengthen the time between your child's behavior and your - intentional - response

  • Learn what co-regulation is and how you can build your own regulation skills to be able to share those with your child

  • Leave with clear tools to co-regulate with your child as well as steps to take so you can repair the relationship with your children if you find yourself reacting from a place of dysregulation (i.e. yelling, shaming, ignoring, etc)

Inviting Cooperation - Moving Away from Punishment and Towards Boundaries + Collaboration With Your Children

  • Understand the outcomes and impacts of punishment and traditional parenting strategies and how they ultimately do not teach your child the skills they need to learn

  • Learn how to establish boundaries rooted in your values and understand how natural and logical consequences can help your child honor those boundaries

  • Leave with the ability to maintain a boundary - with empathy - so your child can meet the expectations and learn from your leadership



Nurturing Your Child's Ability to Learn New Skills

  • Understand that behavior is communication and sometimes communication of a need, or a missing skill, is actually something children need help mastering

  • Gain the skills to build a bridge between current and future behaviors by understanding how children learn and what your role is in that process 

  • Leave with the tools to directly instruct, model, scaffold, and support your child's growth towards independence in new skills and behaviors

Next group program begins Fall 2023!


"As you become more aware and emotionally healthy, your children reap the rewards and move toward health as well. That means that...cultivating your own brain is one of the most loving and generous gifts you can give your children."

- Dr. Daniel Siegel

What's Included?

6 x weekly live group sessions on Zoom
1.5 hours each session

(60 minutes of information + 30 minutes of Q&A and coaching)
6 months - unlimited - access to video recordings 
BONUS: How to share this information with others
(school, babysitter, grandparents, etc.)
Google Slides Handout
Downloadable Workbook

(with simple weekly assignments and reflections to help you apply the information you've learned)
Maximum group size of 8 people

(to allow for meaningful interaction & participation)
BONUS: 1 private coaching session @ 1 hour  

Children are amazing human beings. But sometimes, it's hard to see that when we get so caught up in their behaviors. 

I'm here to support, guide, and empower you to build the confidence to really deeply know your child (and yourself) and think about behavior in a whole new way!

Are you ready to join other caregivers - who are also ready to commit to growing their relationship with their children - to learn how to parent...with the brain in mind?

Next group program begins Fall 2023!

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