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Parenting From Within
(1:1 support)

This 1:1 coaching program is ideal for parents who are feeling stuck in negative patterns with their child and find themselves struggling to get through each day with a positive connection to their child intact. 

Together, we will gently, and intentionally, explore your parenting patterns and gain compassion for the needs you have and the beliefs you hold. We'll work together to build your confidence in yourself to step off the path of traditional parenting and connect with your children using curiosity, co-regulation, and collaboration. You'll feel empowered to parent in the way you always wished you could...perhaps the way you wished you'd been parented...knowing you are building safe, happy, and priceless relationships with your children. 

This Is For You If...

You've already decided you DON'T want to parent the same way you were parented...but you're totally confused about how to do that. There's just SO MUCH INFORMATION.
You're feeling disconnected because you feel overwhelmed and end up yelling, bribes, or punishment and you wish you had a DEEPER CONNECTION with your child.
You want to be able to ignore the judgments of other people, feel confident in yourself as a parent, and know that the decisions you're making are the best ones for YOUR FAMILY and YOUR NEEDS.
You're tired of trying to keep up with all the strategies and checklists of how you're supposed to parent. You just want to be confident in DOING...not being stuck in just the knowing.
You don't want to just figure out today's behavior or last week's want to learn ways of being IN RELATIONSHIP with your child so you can handle all the behaviors that come with being a parent of a tiny human with big emotions. 

"Parents who expect (and accept) change in themselves, as well as in their children, and find in it the joy as well as the pains, are likely to be the happiest and most confident parents."

- Fred Rogers -

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Alexa Young, CA

It Is Possible...Sometimes You Just Need A Hand

We all have blind spots. Sometimes we just need someone to help us, safely and compassionately, find them. And once we know they're there...we can make an informed choice on what we do about them.


I know you're already trying to do the work. You're reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts, and doing the courses. But either things don't seem to "fit" your family or you don't feel genuine and confident in using what you've learned. Or you find yourself with all this "knowing" but can't seem to figure out the "doing" part. You are not alone! And I've totally been there. That's what brought me you! 


Reading all.the.books and trying every suggestion cannot replace the work of getting individualized support to find your unique parenting strengths. Strengths that will allow you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, find your true parenting voice, and trust that the relationship you have with your children will lead to cooperation, new skills, and the family life you really want.


Areas We Will Explore...

  • generational patterns of parenting and how they show up in your parenting today

  • how to build secure attachments with your children 

  • what's underneath your child's behaviors

  • communicating to your children - without yelling or shaming 

  • holding space for your child's emotions

  • being able to grow compassion for your own emotions 

  • understanding what you need to restore your ability to regulate before you respond 

  • child brain development and how children learn 

  • setting boundaries based on your family's values

  • being firm and kind while holding those boundaries

  • disciplining your children without punishment and without disconnection

  • learning how to work with your child to build new skills and find more cooperation

What's Included

1 x Initial 60-minute kick-off session to set intentions and review your goals
1 x Wrap-Up 60-minute "Transformation Celebration" to re-visit your goals and intentions and celebrate your growth!
Exercises and homework tailored to your needs, with pre-session review by me if you wish
Supplemental resources that have been curated for your specific needs and interests 
10 x 60-minute Zoom coaching sessions
(weekly or biweekly; recordings available for download)
Email support for guidance in between sessions
2 x 30 minute "on demand" phone coaching calls for in-the-moment support during your toughest moments
The opportunity to relax into the process and slowly, but intentionally, build the mindset and skills needed for lasting change

Parenting From Within 

(payment plans available)

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Image by Eye for Ebony

You don't have to struggle, silently, anymore. You might be worried that you don't know enough or that people will think less of you for getting support. 

But working with a coach can provide you with the mindset shifts and confidence to look within yourself for the assurance you need. To rest in the depth of your relationship with your children as confirmation that you're doing the right thing. And can help you - finally - move from just "knowing" what to do, to "doing" what you know, feel, and trust to be exactly what your family needs. 

Any real change takes awareness, intention, practice, and time. I believe in real, life-changing, sustainable change. The kind that "band-aid" approaches won't lead to. 

If you're ready to do the can start heading in the direction of connection and confidence today

If you are curious to find out more, let's chat! I'm happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with more clarity on the right step for you and your family!

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