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Conscious Parenting...What Is It?

Before I share what it is, here's what it is NOT.

It's not a set of rules that parents must follow

It's not a specific checklist to review each day.

It's not permissive parenting.

Ok, that's great. So what is it?

Consicious parenting is regulated parenting. It is connected parenting. It is compassionate parenting. And it is flexible parenting.

It's not what we traditionally think of as parenting. Because we're not trying to control our children or dictate what should happen. We are not using fear and threats to have things happen exactly as we would like. And we're not thinking our children are just little adults.

They most definitely are not little adults.

But that allows us, as parents, the freedom to let go of the unrealistic expectations we have of children. And to learn how to see them as they are.

So here are 5 core beliefs of conscious parents:

1. Parenting is a RELATIONSHIP between you and your child.

2. Building awareness of your own nervous system - and its responses - is key to moving away from "knee-jerk" reactions.

3. Behavior is communication and there's always something important going on underneath what we see.

4. Boundaries can be set using empathy and compassion.

5. Perfection as a parent is not the goal. Repairing after we hurt our children is one of the most important things we can do.

At the end of the day...did you strive to be MORE AWARE of your own parenting choices? Did you take inventory of your body and emotions BEFORE responding to your child? Did you keep the CONNECTION with your child at the forefront of your actions? Did you APOLOGIZE when you broke that connection? Did you use empathy, compassion, and curiousity to UNDERSTAND your children - and set appropriate boundaries?

If so..then you're doing great!

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